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    I'm a 21-year-old college student who is ready for a change. I'm tired of hating myself when I look in the mirror. I'm tired of wishing I could be skinny and healthy. I'm tired of waiting. I'm taking charge of my life and becoming what I want to be.

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Turning FLAB to FAB

I’m a fat girl. A fat girl who wants to change into a healthy girl. I want to be that girl who makes healthy decisions without even thinking about it. Who can run a 5K race with no problem. Who needs exercise to feel good. Whose belly doesn’t flop over her jeans.

And I realize it’s going to be hard. And I’m not going to get everything right. It’s going to be a long, rough, rollercoaster battle. I’m going to want to quit. I’m going to think I’m worthless and I’ll “never be skinny.” Because I’ve done this beforeĀ – many, many times.

But this time I’m determined. I see unhealthy, obese people all around me. I don’t want to get to the point where I can only shop in “certain” stores, sit in a “certain” row on a rollercoaster, and waddle when I walk.

In reality, being healthy doesn’t require rocket science. Every knows how to eat right. We may not know all the right ways to eat but we can tell if something is healthy over unhealthy. We know we have to drink tons of water, cut down on greasy and fried foods, exercise, and fill up on fruits and veggies.

Fat girls just have a tough time implementing this. It’s really, really hard to completely change your life. When we’re used to a sedentary lifestyle, it’s hard to switch from spending your morning sleeping to waking up early to go to the gym. It costs more money/energy to be healthy.

But the question to ask yourself is, what will I feel better about doing? Getting an extra hour of sleep…or starting my morning off right by waking up early and exercising?

I’m starting this blog to document my struggle and triumph from FLAB to FAB! (I know. It’s catchy!) My goal is to update this blog at least 2 times a week but hopefully more. I have another blog I operate that you should totally check out! I have tons of things I want to talk about and I’m hoping to find other bloggers to join me in this journey!